Happiness is not found in the perception that others have of you.
It is not found in the material things that you collect while here on this earth.
It will not be found in achievements or accolades.
You wont find it in the bottom of a bottle or in the haze of smoke you cloud your mind with.
Not even the love of all those you hold near and dear will always make you truly happy.
We often try to overcompensate with relationships and addictions that we think will complete us or help us overlook whats really holding us back from finding that true happiness
Once those relationships fail or that high wears off we’re back at square one.
True happiness can only be found when you are content within.
Once you’ve learned to accept and love yourself in spite of all your flaws and imperfections then you will find true happiness.
40 years on this earth and I’ve come to the realization that the only person or thing that can dictate my happiness is me…


That energy


I can tell you need
Some love and affection
Its your energy that’s hittin me
I can feel the connection
A gentle touch
Some intimacy
To cause your souls resurrection
Don’t worry luv
This fin to be
The best thing since Obama’s election
I plan to be a willing captive in your world
Already captivated by your perfect imperfection
My queen will never have to request the presence of her King in her court.
You are, and always will be
The most important piece on the board
And for that my loyalty must and always will be eternally and undoubtedly yours.



I find myself trapped in this paradox
Wondering just where i fit in
Fighting so hard to be judged by the content of my character
Yet still only judged by the color of my skin
Working day and night to prove that Im worthy
Worthy of freedom
Worthy of self expression
Worthy of respect
To only be minimized to an adjective
400 years and aint nothing changed yet
Yes Black I am
Yes Black i will always be
And yes I am black and proud
But Im sick and tired of being sick and tired
Of being just another black man held down
See opportunities have never seemed to avoid me or be held just out of reach of my grasp
But theres always this invisible ceiling
Thats always dictating just how high my black ass can grab
I was always told I could be anything
All i gotta do is try hard
Oh yea and not be too black
That shit keeps tearing away at my insides
So much I wanna do and say but we are trained to fear the systems backlash
So I choose to hold my tongue and just continue to try and hold back
My southern roots I hate sometimes
Gotta beware of massas wrath
So I plot and plan my own mental revolution
To break these chains and remove the curse of the past
I try to focus myself on being conscious
Staying woke, eyes open wide, keep them lashes off my back
They dont want a brother to fly
I can only be fly
Not spread my wings and sore heavenly high
Meet my creator and ask Jah why
Why hast thou grounded me with these earthly burdens.
I don’t wanna get high
Just be like the utmost high
Mind elevated to godly status
And sit on a throne somewhere
Somewhat isolated on a mountain side
Contemplating my creation
Avoiding my souls devastation
While talking philosophically
With others of an enlightened mind
This twisted vision of seperation
Sparked by the damning situation
Perpetrated by integration
Has me on some
Lets build our own sovereign nation
And avoid the tyrrany of those
Who only see the slaves in us
With borders not bound by colors
And justice that is just for even us…
I wanna be free
Truly free
So for now I’ll have to settle for the freedom
And peace of my mind


Nah They Ain’t Ready!!

Moors of Northern Africa:


Y’all act like you want to talk about it

But y’all aint ready for the truth

The reason we are hated and hunted

Devalued and misled from youth

Mankind’s forsaken children

God’s chosen few

Still searching for the land of Milk n Honey

Trying to escape Babylon’s noose

The history has been hidden

From Jerusalem to the Egyptian Sphinx

The creators of the greatest civilizations

Ancient Romans, Italians, and Greeks

All marveled and mirrored the images

Until envy and greed reached its peak

See We were once called Moors and

Held in the highest regards

Feared and respected for intellect and war

Descendants of true survivors

Because American Slavery was like none other before

Yet we rise above the bullshit

Only to be mired in it

By our own ignorance and

This is the root of our downfall

Forgetting we have always been destined for greatness

May Be our biggest mistake of all

Wallowing in self-pity and

Blaming mankind for every misfortune to come

Time to realize the power we actually hold

And begin to grow again as one

Self-suffiency is key to survival

We must improve ourselves

If we expect change to come

I Need That


I Need That

That can’t breathe if I’m not with you

Can’t sleep if I’m not near you Kind of Love

That fast pace, heart rate elevating kinda love.

That kind of love that just won’t wait for morning

So her beauty visits me in my dreams

Making me miss the warmth of her smile

Amongst many of tender things

That love that makes me want to be better

Inspires me in all I do

I need her to need me

As the earth needs the Sun and Moon

I Need You


Wake Up My Ninjas Wake Up…..

Wake-Up (1)

Keep your eyes looking towards the future

Thinking of the greatness that could be

I remember plans to change the destined future

but life’s changes makes things harder than what they should be

Can’t lose focus or fall victim

To all the negativity


Remember you were chosen

Don’t catch a case of forgotten identity

Many fools you encounter will speak with false knowledge

Some whom may even be considered kin to thee

Hold no grudges and offer words to enlighten

A better path for them and their seeds to see

These worldly things we hold to heart

Start to drown out our own creativity

Clouding our vision with fame and fast women give way to

Four and a half minutes of sociopathic tendencies

Displayed in rapid rhetoric

Music with no intent or purpose upon delivery

Constant reminders of how you’re the greatest

and everyone is just full of envy

Then you converse about drugs in your ride

And wonder why the police always run into thee.

My Brother, My Brother

When will we learn

Peace is hard to find without anonymity

We can talk all day about what we want to do

But the reality is much different than we tend to see.

Or at least pretend not to see

What others pretend to be

Cause they themselves aren’t prepared

To face their own causality

In their own self afflicted tragedy

Too damn quick to blame another for

Falling victim to their own fallacies

My brothers are caught up

In this slave mentality

Not realizing the image

of a street hustler is a gimmick

Meant to make us followers and mimics

Marching to our own death or captivity

Too institutionalized to see the irony

Of how we slave and slave

For some whips and chains

To feel like a success

When in actuality

It is a spit in the face

To a whole entire race

And generation that fought

For respectable solidarity


Wake-Up (1)

Social Problems in Education….

Poverty Grunge Background in Black Harsh Tones
Poverty Grunge Background in Black Harsh Tones

The American education system is one that has been debated and ridiculed since the turn of the 20th century. All of the social changes that occurred in the United States over the years has change the face of our educational system and has affected the way and the environment in which our children learn. The sociological purpose for schools is to prepare children to be able to function in society. It also teaches how to work with those who do not have a personal relationship with each other. School is considered a sort of bridge between society and family. Its purpose is to get us ready for adulthood. There has been a drastic change in the social values in America since the educational system has begun. One of the social changes that have had the most effect would be the removal of prayer from schools on June 25, 1962. Religion and prayer were removed based on the separation of church and state ideology on which this country was founded. It is never been an amendment of complete separation of church and state but when the government removed prayer from school it open the door for the decline of morals and values to enter into the school system as well. If children did not go to church or if they did not know any aspect of religion or faith at least they could receive it in educational manner at school. The problem that arises is relying on teachers not to enforce their personal opinions or let them influence their curriculum or method of teaching.

Now there are several social issues that schools face in today’s society. There has been a major increase in school violence, dropout rate, teen parenting, child abuse, homelessness, and extreme poverty. These issues affect the learning process and place major stress on the learning environment for any child dealing with these issues in their everyday life. Some of these issues such as extreme poverty in certain areas could easily be addressed by better school funding in those areas. Cities with a high rate of poverty experience inadequate funding for school districts in the most affected area. This seems just backwards. One would think you would provide more funding for those in high-risk areas instead of the more affluent districts. These impoverished areas are in more need of this funding so that they can afford better programs and be able to hire capable teachers and also to build better facilities. Then that would also mean that I would be assuming that the intent of the government is one of an altruistic nature. One that wanted to all succeed. That would be a very foolish assumption. The American government spends billions on foreign aid and its educational system needs aid in its poverty-stricken areas and inner-city schools. This writer wonders why we as a nation go into debt to help others but can’t help ourselves.